Ria Opens a new One Stop Shop

Ria Opens New One Stop Shop

Excitement filled the air of the renowned street of Fuencarral, Madrid. More than a hundred orange-clad Ria employees crowded the inside of our new store at number 14 Fuencarral Street. This location is part of the Ria Global Retail Network, with more than 150 of our own stores distributed around the globe.

Laughter and cheers could be heard from across the street and dancing could occasionally be seen on the sidewalk. This was no ordinary celebration since it is an “All-In-One” Ria store. By offering Money Transfer, Currency Exchange and Mobile Top up Services provided by epay, this store is a sparkling representation of Euronet Worldwide, to which Ria belongs.

With its high footfall location and comprehensive services, this Ria “Superstore” is destined for major success. Even after the party was over, an orange echo could still be felt while customers continued to pile through the double doors. If today’s success is any indication of the future, Ria and its customers will have much more to celebrate for years to come.