The Birth of Ria Digital

Ria Digital Team - Denver Colorado USA

The Ria Digital Team in Denver, Colorado, USA.

Ria started offering online money transfer from the United States in the last quarter of 2012.

The company responds with this movement to the changes in our society. 30 years ago, going to the bank, or shopping for mother’s day gift was the highlight of our day. We had to plan around that, at least a week ahead.  But now, an increasing number of people do these things online, maybe from their smartphones, including sending money online. Those clients want immediate access to our services, whether they are out for dinner, or in the office.

For any business to stay competitive, we have to meet what consumers need from us, not just settle for what we can provide. This is why Ria Digital was born.

While Ria Money Transfer Online makes sending money convenient and quick for many people, it’s still undeniable that many people prefer tradition and sticking to what they are used to. We could give to our mothers a laptop, a tablet and the latest smartphone, but most of them would still go to their favorite Ria Agent or Store to send money.

The good thing about having Ria Money Transfer online, is it enhances the visibility of our brick and mortar stores. Those who like to keep it traditional and use an Agent can use our Ria Agent Locator to find a location closest to them.

Our objective at Ria Digital is to help Ria become the most trusted, most reliable, and most loved financial service company in the world. We don’t need to be the oldest or the biggest to become the crowd favorite.

We just need to be… Ria.

Ria Digital Team - Buena Park California

The Ria Digital Team at Ria’s Global Headquarters in Buena Park California, USA.