Ria goes running with the bulls in Spain


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Ria goes running with the bulls in Spain


Some of the Ria Spain team met early in the morning to go running with the bulls – and clearly showed the Orange Ria spirit. © Ria


At Ria we love challenges. Especially ones that involve teamwork, commitment and group encouragement.

As a testament to the Ria team spirit, almost 30 employees from Spain met in the early hours of the morning before work to participate in “el encierro” – or the Running of the Bulls.

At the end of August each year in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Madrid – very close to Ria’s EMEASA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and South Asia) Headquarters – this important event takes place. The most famous “running” of this traditional and deeply-rooted celebration is held annually in San Fermín, Pamplona, Spain. But after San Fermín, San Sebastián de los Reyes is the second most popular event, and according to many experts, the most dangerous.

Ria employees donned their orange shirts and participated in the running – some showing more courage, weaving in front of the bulls – while others watched and cheered them on from the side. The event was also broadcast live on TV. See the clip below:



It’s certainly a unique way to start a working day with colleagues, doing a different type of team building. And we couldn’t miss this opportunity to get involved locally.

Part of running a business involves making decisions, leading a team or delivering on multiple projects, but beyond that, people are what make a business what it is. For people to achieve their best professionally, many require encouragement and support to advance their skills.

At Ria, we like people to step outside of their comfort zones sometimes. Whether you’re someone who likes to run with the bulls, or watch from the sidelines, sharing in the company spirit is what matters most.

If you think you have the Ria spirit, we’re now hiring. Take a look at some of our open vacancies here.