Ria opens first flagship store in Latin America

Opening a new Ria store is always special. More so when it’s the first in a country.

Despite having services in over 235,000 locations worldwide, our own stores make up a small percentage of this. So it was with much joy that the doors to our first Ria store in Latin America, based in Santiago, Chile, opened on August 15.



Staff celebrate the opening of Ria’s first store in Latin America, while a customer places an order with the teller at an open desk.


A steady stream of customers stopped to see the modern two-level building, and all were treated to a special Ria Orange Day experience – which always includes a genuine smile from a staff member.

Tellers interacted with customers from open desks on the ground level, before they moved upstairs to pay for their orders, providing them with a personal and secure experience.


Ria upstairs tellers_01

A family processes their order upstairs at the modern two-level store in Santiago, Chile.

Ria’s VP of Business Development, South America, Marcelo Castillo
commented: “Ria’s top service mix – low price, best coverage and fast delivery – has once again made a huge impact on the community. The Ria brand became widely recognised in Santiago in a matter of weeks, with limited promotion. Flyers given to pedestrians got our first customers to try our service, then word of mouth did the rest. Now thousands of families are receiving money, faster and more conveniently, thanks to our new flagship store.”

EMEASA Operations Director, Ignacio Reid, a native of Chile, visited shortly after the opening and remarked that it was a shining example of Ria: “This store is not only a great illustration of the Ria brand in my home country, it also has some very unique features that provide a superb customer experience. It adds value to our Global Retail Network and I have no doubt it will grow to become a great success. A big congratulations to the team in Chile who have worked so hard to open this branch.”

Ria staff in Chile_02

Ria’s VP of Business Development Marcelo Castillo (second from right) with Ana M. Dresdner, Chile Country Manager (middle) and staff members from Ria, Chile.


Ria has a lot of loyal customers around the world, including many from Latin America. And we value them all.  We also understand the accuracy of the service we provide, is relied upon by thousands of people every day who send and receive money to or from their loved ones.

Ria will continue to expand its Global Retail Network in the coming months, spreading an orange presence around the globe, while supporting local communities in the process. In fact, we’re just getting started.