Ria celebrates sending agreements in Turkey and Kosovo

We’re expanding again. This time it’s through the Post Office network.

To date, we have created many strong partnerships with post offices and financial service providers worldwide that pay out transactions in destination countries. And we’ve recently introduced sending services from post offices in Turkey and Kosovo.

The first allows customers to use Universal Payment Transfer (UPT) to send money from Turkey’s Post Office (PTT) through Ria’s network.

UPT is a money transfer and financial services platform operated by the largest investment bank in Turkey, Aktif Bank. The platform connects the Post Office with financial institutions worldwide, and they implemented our low-cost money transfer model to power their system through PTT branches.

This deal allows Ria to both pay in and pay out through UPT using PTT’s extensive network — among the largest in Turkey. According to the Universal Postal Union, it includes 4,726 locations that accept financial transactions. Such an extensive network makes it easier for people in hard-to-reach places to receive — and send — money transfers.



Firat Kaya, Ria’s Sales Manager for Germany, outside a PTT branch in Turkey that uses UPT technology. © Ria


About 1,600 km away in Kosovo we’ve also been busy doing business.

Clients in Kosovo can now send and receive money through Kosovo’s Post Office (PTK) thanks to a partnership with Capital, one of our correspondents in Kosovo. This deal brings the combined total to more than 100 locations in the country.

Ria’s Country Manager for Germany, Reinhard Grubl, along with EMEASA Correspondent Marketing Coordinator, Helena Englander, recently travelled to Southeastern Europe. They attended a financial fair, organised by the Kosovo Banking Association (KBA), where Capital and another Ria correspondent, Vllesa-co, were exhibitors. At both stands our correspondents proudly displayed Ria branding and materials – a testament to the way our secure service is valued, and our brand recognised in Kosovo.


Blog_Capital Ria

In the centre, Ria’s Helena Englander and Reinhard Grubl with correspondent partners Capital at Kosovo’s Financial Fair. © Ria


Ria’s product and correspondent portfolio is diversifying. And it’s these different types of partnerships that allow us to keep growing. For Ria, both are amazing opportunities to expand and reach more communities. As always, we welcome competition and are ready to engage customers with our fast, secure and economical money transfer services.