Burundi’s National Post chooses Ria to launch its first international outbound money transfer service

“Unity, Work, Progress.” Or “Ubumwe, Ibikorwa, Amajambere” if you speak Kirundi. This is the national motto and language of Burundi, a small country situated in Southeast Africa.

It’s a strong saying, with words that Ria also believes in, because it’s something we do daily: work together to globally progress and improve remittance services worldwide. And the truth is… we’re seeing progress.

Ria is pleased to announce the launch of a new international sending service from Burundi’s National Post Administration, also known as Régie Nationale des Postes (RNP).

With 113 branches throughout the African country, which borders Rwanda to the north, the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west and Tanzania to the south and east, customers will be able to make money transfers both domestically and internationally.


Staff of Burundi’s National Post Administration proudly wear Ria t-shirts during a training day.

Ria has been working with RNP for over one year with an inbound service, but the international outbound service is a first for Régie Nationale des Postes; a domestic money transfer service had previously been available.

In a country with a population of 10 million people, only 2 per cent hold bank accounts. In Burundi, a remittance service like Ria’s plays an important part in the lives of many families. Due to infrastructure challenges, not all post office locations can offer inbound and outbound services, but Ria is expanding its secure and economical offering to meet the needs of many Africans who live in harder to reach places.

Ria’s General Manager for Africa, El Hadj Malick Seck said of the new service: “We’re pleased to expand our partnership with Régie Nationale des Postes after one year working together. It’s a great opportunity for the people of Burundi to not only receive money, but also send it domestically and internationally using Ria’s convenient, secure and economical service.

“Not everyone in Burundi has a bank account, or easy access to bank accounts, so we recognise the role that RNP plays in delivering money to places where it’s needed most. We’re glad they’ve chosen Ria to provide a quality service to Burundians and those living in the diaspora.”


A Post Office location in Burundi where customers can receive remittances and make international money transfers with Ria.