Ria raises over $149,000 for Teleton USA and children in need

Ria has partnered with non-profit organization, Teleton USA, to help raise almost $150,000 in donations for children affected by disabilities, cancer and autism.

We leveraged our expansive U.S. Agent and Retail network to receive donations from existing customers, and from those seeking a convenient location to contribute in person.

In addition to the generous donations collected from customers, which totalled $114,295.06, Ria also donated $35,000 to the organization, making a total contribution of $149,295.06.


Rosario Escarpita, Ria’s Managing Director of the Americas (centre) and Armando Chavez, Ria VP of Operations (right) present Ria’s Corporate Donation of $35,000 to Teleton USA.

For the past three years Teleton USA has partnered with Univision, the fourth largest TV network in the United States, to air a nationally televised Telethon in early December. Many celebrities lend their talent to the program by providing entertainment and endorsing the cause.

In 2014 the Telethon event, including Ria’s contributions, netted a total of $15,539,427 ($15.5m) in donations. These funds will go toward operating costs for a new rehabilitation centre built in San Antonio, Texas.

Teleton USA is a non-profit organization with four main goals:

  • Promoting national unity with a special focus on Hispanic unity
  • Promoting a culture of integration for individuals with disabilities, cancer, and autism
  • Raising funds for both the construction and operation of rehabilitation centres for children with disabilities
  • Create a Teleton fund and give a portion of funds raised to other organizations that also provide services for the treatment of childhood autism and cancer in the United States

Ria is proud to have been an active supporter and contributor to Teleton USA since its inception in 2012. The company has participated with corporate donations and by making its U.S. network of over 9,000 agents and company-owned stores available to collect donations each year.

Rosario Escarpita, Ria’s Managing Director of the Americas said, “It is a privilege to give back to those communities who have helped Ria grow into the global company that we are today.”

Watch a video (in Spanish) of Rosario Escarpita and Armando Chavez gifting Ria’s Corporate Donation: