Ria announces sending and receiving service with Polish Post

The year has started well for Ria. And as we start ticking more big boxes, we expect to share more good news about our global network expansion.

Ria is proud to announce a new sending and receiving money transfer service through Poland’s Poczta Polska, (Polish Post).

The first stage of the partnership started in late 2014 with a sending service. It is considered unique because Ria was – and still is – the first money transfer company to offer a sending and receiving service through Polish Post. From January 19, 2015, Ria began offering a payout service directly with Polish Post, through all of their 4,747 locations.


Customers are served at one of Poczta Polska’s 4,747 locations which are found throughout Poland.

Customers who wish to send money to Poland have an extensive Post Office network for beneficiaries to collect their money transfers. Thanks to Ria’s innovative transfer technology, transactions are also available for payout immediately after they are sent.

Ria’s Business Development Director for EMEA & SA, Manuel Villena, said of the agreement: “We’re thrilled to have partnered directly with Poczta Polska to extend our offering. Customers not only have the ability to send and receive money using Ria’s fast and secure transfer technology, they also get the benefit of an affordable service, which can be accessed through Polish Post’s considerable network.”

We value the relationships we have in place with postal networks. In most places, the Post Office is a traditional fixture in the communities we serve. As well as this, the Post Office network generally provides greater access to money transfer and financial services, especially for those who live in harder to reach places.

While a significant amount of exclusivity agreements exist in the postal sector, Ria is always looking for new ways to do business.

By forming more partnerships with Post Offices that do not work exclusively with one company, we are not only offering more choices to the customer, we’re also helping to keep the market competitive. As a result of this competition, we’re pushing for better rates which means more money in the pockets of those who need it most.

As always Ria will continue to seek out and form partnerships that promote competition in the marketplace, while supporting our mission to reduce poverty and provide greater access to affordable and fair money transfer services.


Customers queue at a Poczta Polska (Polish Post) location in Poland.