Ria’s UK Director lectures on Transnational Marketing at Regent’s University

The say knowledge is power. An old cliché, but one that holds truth. For Ria, our partnerships with universities and the role of research on remittances is something we are heavily invested in. The insights we gain hold additional keys to driving a global company like Ria to greater success.

As part of Ria’s partnership with Regent’s University in London, Marcela Gonzalez, Ria’s Managing Director for the UK and Ireland, was invited in February to give a guest seminar to students studying an MA in International Marketing.

During the lecture, Driving a Transnational Business to Success, Marcela shared her insights and experiences on how Ria has succeeded in a competitive environment.

Marcela and Ibrahim at Regent's University

Marcela Gonzalez, Ria’s MD for UK & Ireland is pictured with Prof. Ibrahim Sirkeci, Director of the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies, during the launch of his book Transnational Marketing and Transnational Consumers.

During her presentation, Gonzalez explained the transnational organisation structure of Ria and highlighted how having a multilingual and multicultural team within the company is crucial to penetrating different markets.

Our staff is the first link to the ethnic communities. We speak the language of our customers and that is essential for promoting our services,” she explained.

She also advised students that marketing strategies need to be aligned with human resource policies and practices which allows transnational strategies to be successfully developed and executed.

With regards to Ria’s impact, she explained how Ria has been helping not only local communities who are sending money abroad at a low cost, but also economies worldwide, in some cases contributing a quantifiable amount to a country’s GDP.

The definition of transnational marketing and what makes a business transnational is not easy to define in simple terms, but this is something that Professor Ibrahim Sirkeci, Director of the Regent’s Centre for Transnational Studies has focused much of his research on.

According to Sirkeci, “The key feature of transnational marketing is the geographical and administrative span of the operations, strategy and behaviour. It is more than simply international and it is beyond global. Transnational is stateless, borderless, draws upon multiple territories, cultures and multiple reference points.”


Ria’s Marcela Gonzalez with MA in International Marketing students at Regent’s University in London.

As well as authoring a book Transnational Marketing and Transnational Consumers (Springer, 2013) he also calculated that Ria is one of the most transnational companies in the world, with a Transnationality Index (TNI) score of 71.3 percent.

Professor Sirkeci, an expert on remittances and human mobility, said having a company like Ria sponsoring research at the University without interfering is “brilliant.” He explained,  “our students are able to do case studies and dissertation research on the company, which is one of the three largest firms in the global money transfer market.”

Ria is also collaborating with the professor and his students, to develop learning and research tools based on company data. Sirkeci added, “I am hoping we will develop something really useful for the research community.”