Ria Running Club teams finish Top 5 in Annual Business Race with 15,000 runners

Ria’s IT Director for Europe, Raúl Gómez de Zamora, isn’t a guy that likes to sit around. In fact, he’s been inspiring his department and those around him to get involved in healthy sport and healthy play as part of Ria’s Running Club in Madrid, Spain.

The journey started one year ago in December 2014 and since then, the team has grown in both size and speed.

It all started at an Annual Business Race, La Carrera de Las Empresas, an event where many well-known businesses and brands form teams and compete in a 6- or 10-kilometre loop around La Castellana in Madrid.

Fast-forward to one year later and the group have completed 11 races, more than 120km in competitions and covered more than 3,000 kilometres during training.

2015 was the 17th edition of this Annual Event and 27 runners, comprising nine teams from Ria signed up. Teams in groups of 2, 3 or 4 were formed and competed against 800 companies and more than 15,000 runners. The final result was exceptional, with two Ria teams placing in the Top 5. Click to see an official video of the event.

Four Ria ladies that ran the 10km race (Carmen Cerdan, Yensi Ocampo, Anastasia Chepurkova and Adela Legua) placed an outstanding second overall in their category, while a mixed group of three (Raul Gomez de Zamora, Eugenio Hernandez Martinez and Leticia Cortes de la Rosa), placed an impressive fourth out of 161 teams.

“Congratulations to all the participants. Once again, we painted the streets orange and it was a rush to cross the finish line with my work colleagues,” says Raul Gomez de Zamora.

A slideshow of various images taken from two Ria Running Club Events in December 2015.

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Ria Running Club History

“I’ve always like endurance sports. I regularly ran about four days a week with the only intention of disconnecting. It was my therapy; my personal psychologist. I never thought of the competition,” explains Raul Gomez de Zamora. “Last year, a friend and colleague mentioned we should enter La Carrera de Las Empresas and this is where it all started. We worked with marketing, made some shirts and recruited around 20 people who turned up on a rainy and cold day.”

Raul says that while running is seen as an individual sport, the sense of camaraderie with teammates pushing you on has helped many of the runners to beat their personal bests. “Together we have not only improved our personal records, we have also been knocking down mental barriers. We have overcome what to us seemed insuperable. That is what this sport is about. No matter what your time is, you only need to have the desire to improve. Your only opponent is yourself and that struggle makes you stronger.”

The team regularly meets on weekends to take part in training runs, which even sees them venture to the mountains to train at altitude.

La Maliciosa 3

NOC Technician Miguel Angel Martin climbs to new heights while training with the Ria Running Club.

I would fill my department and the whole company with runners,” continues Raul. “Although I know not everyone has as much time to train, if someone is able to fight against laziness, against cold and pain to go and train and suffer, imagine what that person will be able to achieve in their job. This is the real Ria Spartan spirit,” he affirms.

Ria believes in encouraging healthy work and healthy play. Inside the company, we have a bonafide Iron Man, Super Spartan Race competitors, regular Marathon and Triathlon participants, a slew of footballers in various countries and more.

Working at Ria is more than just a job, you are part of a global family with teammates in both work and play pushing you to be the best you can be,” concludes Raul.